I have limited time to respond to messages, I've created this little FAQ section. Please review before sending any further messages. Thanks!


'Hey, do you do commissions?'
Yes, I do! Please write an email for me and I'll reply for you as soon as possible. 
My email is: 
'What programs and tools do you use?'
I use Adobe Photoshop CC and a Wacom Intous 5 digital tablet.

'How long does it take you to do a painting?'
It is a very variable thing. It can take a couple of hours to many days or even couple of weeks.
It depends on theme, the rendering level, the final size, the number of characters, the requied details and the feedbacks.
'I'd like to become a digital painter but I don't have any experience in the classical art. What kind of digital tablet do you propose?'   
It's a wrong way. I think it is the best way to become a good digital painter is to learn the basics of classical art (perspective, color theory, levels, composition, anathomy, ornaments, fabric, etc.) 
Try out some of the classic tools also: pencil, watercolor, oil, pen, charcoal, etc. These will give you an intuitive experience to do magic on a digital canvas!
'How can I become a better artist? What is your advice?' 
Artists are working men and they continuosly make lots of artworks. People think that cool artist born with unearthly skills, and his/her first artwork also was a wonderful and professional work.
Artists work hard day after day to improve their skills. My advice is that  you should analyze lots of professional artworks and practice every day. You can reach your grand purpose with a sustained training and I'm sure that you will be better and better each day.
'How do you get inspiration and ideas?'
From the real world in general. If I see some interesting things, shapes, shadows, compositions or any cool artworks I somehow use them in my digital works. When I listen to an impressive music, my brain starts creating a composition and base out a new artwork. This is my 'creative half an hour'. :)
If the artwork is a commission I'll review the descriptions, search some ref pictures and some fitting musics. Then I start the work!
'Is it allowed to use your works for our new project? Unfortunately we can't pay, but we'll put your name and links after the picture. This means free publicity for you.'
Seriously? 'I am an artist. This does not mean I will work for free (I have bills just like you). Thank you for your understanding.'