I am an illustrator, concept artist and I mostly work in
the video games / board games industry. 

I began my art career as a freelance illustrator at the age of 24.
Then a few years later, I started to inquire about video game development.
The classic painters did not affect me much, I prefer the modern digital painters. 
Although my qualification is  'visual art teacher', I had been working as freelance graphic artist for several years and as professional game developer for 4 years.
I love these professions!
Despite of my previous Art studies, I still try to improve my skills daily
through self-education.


Illustrator · Concept artist · Game artist · Art director


Clients & Projects

2019: Freelance graphic artist / concept artist
  2019: Mindclash Games - Perseverance [illustrator, concept artist]
 2019: Mindclash Games - Anachrony: Fractures of Time [illustrator, concept artist]
 2019: eVapor: Witchcraft [illustrator]

2015: Play'n GO (Hungary)
  2018: Wild Rails [art director]
 2018: Crystal Sun [art director]
 2018: Rise of Dead [art director]
  2018: Inferno Star [art director]
  2018: Street Magic [art director]
 2017: Golden Colts [graphic artist]
  2017: Legacy of Egypt [graphic artist]
  2017: Fu Er Dai [graphic artist]
  2017: Viking RuneCraft [graphic artist]
  2015: Cloud Quest [graphic artist]

2015: ZEN Studios Ltd. (Hungary)
  2015: Pinball FX 3 [UI artist]

2011-2014: Invictus Games Ltd. (Hungary)
  2014: Tap 'n' Slash [lead artist, level assets, UI artist]
  2014: Jewel Fight: Heroes of the Legend [lead artist, designer, UI artist]
  2013: Ridge Racer: Slipstream [texture artist]
  2012: Race of Champions World [UI artist, texture artist]
  2012: Race of Champions [texture artist]
  2011: Mist Bouncer [graphic artist]
  2011: 4x4 Jam HD [texture artist]
  2011: Heat Online [texture artist]
+ 3 pieces of unannounced mobile game project [concept artist, texture artist]

2009-2011: Freelance graphic artist / concept artist
  2015: Puppetworks / Mortal Kombat X (Hungary)
  2013: PlayOn Hungary (Hungary)
  2012: Rawen Group Hungary
  2012: (Hungary)
  2012: Lahindra Epico (Spain)
  2010: Global Virtual Studios (Hawaii)
  2010: FlynnFilms (UK)
  2010: Vexillum (Italy)
  2010: (US)
  2010: Most Wanted Entertainment (Hungary)
  2010: Ignis Ltd. (Hungary)
  2010: 3D MagicBox Ltd. (Hungary)
  2010: Novyon Events Bt. (Hungary)
  2010: Trimax Ltd. (Hungary)
  2010: Card Kingdom
  2009: Edition Dagda (France)
  and so many private customer... 

Interviews (HU)
HungaryART (HU) (HU)
Somethingwelike (EN)
USERS magazine (US)


· PlayIt - Gameart -
  2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  (Hungary, Budapest, Debrecen)
· BlizzCon - 2014 
  (USA, California)
· ART.RPG.HU - 2012
  (Hungary, Budapest)
· 'Világok Szárnyain I-II-III' -
  2011, 2012, 2013
  (Hungary, Debrecen)
· HoldfényCon - 2010
  (Hungary, Budapest, Syma csarnok)

Other Publications

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Diablo III official blog 03/2014
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